Sella Basmati Rice

We're excited to share our Sella Rice 1121 Kainat, brought to you exclusively by Door No. 8.

This isn't just any rice. It's a result of our collective passion, tradition, and an eye for quality. We've aged it for 2-3 years, allowing each grain to absorb 2 times its volume in water. The result? Perfectly tender and robust rice that makes every dish a masterpiece.

We're proud to source our rice from the best producers, who share our dedication to sustainability and excellence. We've tasted it in everything from festive biryanis to comforting home-cooked meals, and we're thrilled with the texture and flavor it adds.

But don't just rely on our word. Give it a try, and we're sure you'll fall in love with it just as we have. Whether you're a culinary pro or someone who just enjoys good food, our Sella Rice is sure to elevate your cooking.

Thank you for considering Door No. 8. It's not just about selling rice; it's about sharing a piece of culinary art that resonates with our love for authentic flavors.

Grab a pack from our online store or selected retailers, and let's cook something amazing together!

Wishing you delightful dining,

The Door No. 8 Team